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Minimum Museum

The Minimum Museum is a fictional museum that showcases minimalist design. The featured exhibition focuses on Naoto Fukasawa (more below) and is called SKYLINE. This exhibition showcases Naoto’s work in product design for city dwellers and small spaces… I designed an exhibition catalog to introduce him and show his products, a promotional animation, a website, and an augmented reality app.

Naoto Fukasawa (深澤 直人) is a Japanese industrial designer, author, and educator. He was born in 1956. Fukasawa’s wide-ranging sphere of products ranges from precision instruments to home appliances and furniture, with every object embodying the philosophy ‘without thought’— the idea that the unconscious actions of people should influence design.

Art Direction:

Dermot Mac Cormack


Concept, Exhibition Identity, Video, Web

Design, App, Environmental Design




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