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MELO is a dance fitness mobile game using VR technology. It helps the visually-impaired—who suffer higher rates of physical-unfitness—follow the musical rhythm to get a full-body workout. The player can choose the music and their comfort level to dance and record the amount of their exercise and calories burned. The game will bring fun for low vision people while improving their physical activity.

Art Direction:

Jenny KowaIski

Team Members:

Reyna A Hixson, Desiree Fisk, Alison J, Hecht, Mengxi Shen


Case study, Mobile Design


The Problem

As of 2018, there were 246 million people with low vision in the world, accounting for 80% of visually-impaired people. Many low-vision people get little or no exercise and experience chronic health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Several barriers prevent people with low vision from engaging in physical activities.

Persona & Brainstorming 

The Solution 

We created a platform for visually-impaired people to dance and enjoy exercise at home. It solved the problem of travel difficulties, saving time and money.

We used the concept of VR games to let users virtually “hit” large appearing and disappearing shapes. Our design features four high-contrast colors block forms to help low-vision users learn simple operations and exercise in the game.

Color palette

Low-Fidelity & High-Fidelity

Final Design

Visual Effect


After the team presentation, we got some feedback from professional designers. They suggested we connect the app to a television screen instead of just using VR I added XD voice triggers for each slide so that users with low vision could conveniently get information. I researched more VR dance games and found that phones can directly connect with TV screens through HDMI, Bluetooth, Apple TV, or gamepads. Players would not need to look at a VR box for a long time.

Most dance games are very fast. We made the speed of our game slower during the tutorial so that the game is more comfortable to place. I added hamburger menu to make user easy to find home page, adjusted shapes size, changed their dance level, choose the goal, and checked their fitness. In the game, I added pause and stop buttons, and users can pause when they want to take a rest or switch to other songs and levels at any time.

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